30ft Shipping Containers

30ft shipping containers are often used on larger industrial sites, as they can handle the storage of larger items, where smaller units just aren’t big enough. These models are CSC-plated, which means they’re cargo-worthy; and are available in standard, high cube and tunnel configurations.




High Cube


Our 30 foot shipping containers come in a variety of colours, and can be dispatched from your nearest depot – we have 15 in total across the country.

Choose between new and used models. All feature multiple air vents, 27mm marine plywood floor and multiple lashing points as standard, as well as being wind and watertight. A lock box is also standard in our new units, but are optional in used ones.

These units are used in a plethora of industries: from agriculture to retail, chemical to leisure and everything in between.

Applications for 30ft Shipping Containers

The size and versatility of these units make them very popular. They can easily be converted, with common modifications including bespoke doors and windows and roller shutter doors. Lighting, electrics and heating can also be installed.

Whilst many customers choose to use these containers for shipping and general storage, they can be used for so much more than that. Pop-up shops, bars, restaurants, offices, studios and electrical intake/switch rooms are just some of the things that these containers have been converted to.


For more information, just get in touch with us. We know that your needs can be site-specific and constrained, and we pride ourselves by always keeping our customers’ requirements at the forefront of any projects we conduct.

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